Saturday, April 28, 2007

10-Falls with "Dr Death" Steve Williams

10-Falls with
"Dr Death" Steve Williams

"Another one of the great stories of professional wrestling in recent years is that of "Dr Death Steve Williams. Doc, has fought everything and everybody during his professional wrestling career from all of the Big Names in the sport to CANCER. Thankfully Doc has survived and is telling his story in his new autobiography. I have watched Doc wrestle for MANY years and I can honestly say that he IS the toughest man in professional wrestling..."--Randy Klemme

1) You have been in the wrestling business for a number of years? How long? and how has pro wrestling in your mind changed over the years?

Doc: 25 years. There is no longer any respect for the business.

2) What organizations have you worked for and are there ones you currently are associated with?

Doc: Every major company in the world, and currently for the WWE as a trainer.

3) Through your career, I am sure there were many great things that happened and also some low points...Can you give us any stories about the "Good" and "Bad" of your pro wrestling career?

Doc: I discuss all of this is my book, but I have died three times and god has spared me. The fans have been great and I value their support.

4) Is there anything you regret you were never able to accomplish in professional wrestling?

Doc: No, put in real life not going to the U.S. Olympics

5) More recently you have fought some health battles...can you explain and are you doing okay now?

Doc: I have battled T-4 throat cancer, and on May 7th, I will be cancer free for three years! Praise God

6) You have written a book, "How Dr Death became Dr Life" would you describe the book and how did you come to write it?

Doc: It is about my life, a true story about how Dr. Death became Dr. Life. Through my good friend, Dr. Tom Caiazzo, we put out a true book to inspire and motivate.

7) Life is a series of ups and downs, what are some of the things that you do in life to overcome the tough times?

Doc: Pray and give God all the glory.

8) Back to Pro Wrestling...Do you watch much of the current TV wrestling product and what do you think about it? Who are some of the wrestlers you watch now?

Doc: I don't get to watch much because I am out ministering and motivating. When I see Shawn Michels, the Undertaker, and Kurt Angle, I will try to watch them.

9) I am sure you have been asked this many times, when someone says, "How do I get to be a professional wrestler....?" What do you tell them?

Doc: I tell them to go to my website and or myspace account and I will take care of them.

10) In closing, there has to be some great road stories over your long career.....Let us in on one of those stories (Keep it clean--LOL)?

Doc: When I was very green, I was very protective of my gear. Billy Starr ribbed me and took my boots. I had to wrestle barefooted. My feet hurt for a week. I got him back by repalacing his shampoo with NAIR. His hair fell out and turned green. It was too funny.

I hope all the fans will read my book. It is a true story and I hope I can inspire all.

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