Saturday, April 21, 2007

10 Falls with WWE / MTV Tough Enough Star Matt Cappotelli

10-Falls with
Matt Cappotelli

"One of the more inspirational stories of the last couple of years is that of WWE and Tough Enough Star Matt Cappotelli. Matt along with current WWE star Johnny Nitro were the co-champions of MTV's Tough Enough 3. Matt endured many things including a nasty ordeal with Bob Holly during the TV show, however he know faces an even bigger challange. May 1st, Matt Cappotelli will undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor that has enlarged in recent months. We wish Matt God Speed with his surgery and all the best during recuperation."--Randy Klemme

1) You are a product of the "Tough Enough" Shows on tough was the actual training during the shooting of the show and what would you do on a typical day in training?

MC: It was the most intense training I've ever been through. we trained for about 8 hrs a day - in ring, cardio, weights, everything.

2) Of course, one of the things you were famous for during the show was the confrontation with Bob Holly......What are your thoughts looking back at that situation?

MC: it's simple - i forgive, but will never forget.

3) You've been associated with OVW in Louisville since Tough Enough and alot of guys that are in the WWE today came through there, have you made any good friends and are close to any of those guys and who are they?

MC: I've made great friends with pretty much everyone who has come through OVW. we're all family.

4) What is the toughest thing about being a professional wrestler?

MC: Having no offseason and the travel schedule.

5) Any good road stories that you can pass along (keep it clean LOL)?

No Answer

6) Your career recently was slowed by an illness....can you explain what happened and will you ever be able to wrestle again?

MC: I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I can do all things through Christ, so you never know when I may pop up.

7) You have also expressed your deep faith in the Lord in the past several have you been able to cope with your illness through your faith?

MC: God has given me complete peace with what is going on. i know it's all for his divine purpose and I'm humbled to be a part of this.

8) Has it been tough to be associated with the wrestling business while keeping hold of your faith, especially with some of the things that goes on with the wrestling business today?

MC: I guess it can be, but i know who i am and will not sacrifice that for anything.

9) What is the BEST thing and the WORST thing about being a professional wrestler, maybe something that you didn't realize would be that way when you started?

MC: Best: interacting with an audience, entertaining the masses.
Worst: injuries and being away from family.

10) If you had to tell someone what it's like being a professional wrestler, what are the three most important things you would tell them?

MC: You have to love it or it will eat you apart. you have to be tough physically, mentally, and emotionally. you have to make sacrifices in your personal life and be patient.

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