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10-Falls with Northern Indiana Indy Star Chase Richards

10-Falls with Chase Richards

1) How long have you been in the business and where did you receive your wrestling training?

CR: I have been in the business for 7 years now. I initially recieved my training through NRW (A defunct fed in Northwest Indiana), but have trained at several other schools throughout the course of my "career".

2) What organizations have you worked for and which ones are you currently associated with?

If I left anyone out, I apologize...

3) What titles have you held during your wrestling career?

NRW Tag Team Championship
IUWA Tag Team Championship
MEW Enterprise Title
IUWA National Title
AAW Tag Team Championship (2X's)
FPW Tag Team Championship
ARW Heayweight Title
NWA-Indiana Heritage Tag Team Championship

4) Which match over your career has been your favorite and why? and who is your favorite opponent to work with?

CR: I'd probably say my favorite match thusfar has to be when I defended the ARW title against "Roughneck" Jay Ryan. As-of right-now, that match just came-off SO good... very hard-hitting, very intense.

My favorite opponent is a very tough one to narrow down. There have been so many guys I've worked with that I'd work any night of the week... if I HAD to choose, I'd say "The Prophet Of Rage" Botch. We always seem to work well with one another.

5) How would you best describe your style of wrestling?

CR: Believable. I take a lot of pride in what I do in the ring, and don't want anyone sitting in the crowd thinking that they can do what I'm doing. 'Physical' is another word to describe it.

6) What is the toughest thing about being a professional wrestler?

CR: I'd say the toughest thing, for me, has been the moral conflictions you come across. To me, integrity is something I will not compromise, and in wrestling, there are a lot of obstacles you encounter that makes many men compromise their integrity. Knowing that if I just did this, or stabbed this person in the back, I could "make it farther in the business" really bothers me. But, what can I say? I'm in a business that is all about "cons".

7) Any good road stories that you can pass along (keep it clean LOL)?

CR: Man, there have been so many good car-rides... but the one that immediately pops into my head is one of my first trips. It's myself, Kenny Courageous, Cade Lee and Tank Escobar and we're all crammed in the smallest car imaginable... the exact brand or make of the car escapes me, but trust me, it was small. We're heading down I-65 and out of nowhere, the car breaks down and we're stranded on the side of the road. It's around 3-4 o'clock on a Saturday, so there is a steady flow of traffic, and Tank decides he NEEDS to go to the bathroom. This wouldn't have been a problem, if he just had to pee. Now, Tank is not a shy person in the absolute least, so he gets a newspaper we had in the car and proclaims "It's either on the side of the road or on myself" and heads to the grass. For reasons not known to this day, he proceeded to lean back on the SLOPE of the grass, butt facing traffic and do his thing. We are all laughing so hard we're crying... why didn't he try to hide himself a little better, ya know? When he returns to the car, after catching our breath, we ask him why didn't face the other way. His retort, and I quote: "I didn't want anyone to see m'penis."

That's the "cleanest" one I have!

8) Are there things that you would like to achieve during your pro wrestling career? Short term and long term goals?

CR: Of course there are goals I'd like to achieve. Short-term: I'd like to work more weekday shows. I'd love to branch-out and work new places, learn new things, meet new people. I'd like to be considered a "go-to" guy for a good match. As far as long term: I'd love to work for a bigger North American fed. I'd LOVE to sometime maybe do a tour of Japan.

9) Have you received any important advice from other more famous names in the pro wrestling business and what was that?

CR: Colt Cabana gave me some of the best advice I've ever recieved. It was to carry yourself like a star. If you don't believe you're a star, then why would anyone else? I am trying to apply that more and more each passing day. Lex Luger gave me some GREAT advice for getting noticed more and nutritional tips. Chad Collyer taught me so much with very few words. You can learn from just aboot anything if you really want to.

10) What is the BEST thing and the WORST thing about being a professional wrestler, maybe something that you didn't realize would be that way when you started?

CR: Best: Kids, teens, adults... it doesn't matter what age you are, you can always find yourself caught-up in the moment when meeting someone you like to watch perform. It can be any athlete, actor, musician... when someone enjoys your craft, they look up to you and hold you on a higher platform than "normal people". It's cool to have people think you're something special, when in actuality, you're as down-to-earth and normal as they are. I think that's the best part of it.

Worst: The politics. The backstabbing. The drama...

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